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Deanne McBride
Founder & CEO

Deanne’s passion for design and extensive experience in the industry enables her to guide and inspire her team, delivering exceptional projects every time. With strategic thinking, strong leadership, and commitment to innovation, she continues to set the foundation for the studio’s growth and reputation.

Van Aarde
Head of Interior Design
Aimy is a highly skilled and experienced professional who brings creative vision and strong leadership to the team. With her talent for harmonizing aesthetics and functionality, Aimy transforms spaces into captivating, personalized environments.
Elaina Babasakalis
Senior Interior Designer & Marketing Manager
With a keen eye for aesthetics and strategic thinking, Elaina’s multifaceted skills make her an invaluable asset to our team. Her expertise in design and marketing contributes to the success in delivering exceptional results and expanding our brand presence.
Courtney Strydom
Senior Interior Designer
Courtney has a keen eye for aesthetics, coupled with a deep understanding of design principles. Her ability to balance functionality, beauty, and client preferences allows her to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments.
Amber Stapelberg
Interior Designer
With an unwavering passion for all things design, Amber brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to our projects. Amber thrives in our collaborative environment, working seamlessly alongside fellow designers, architects, and clients to ensure that each project is a true representation of our client’s vision and our commitment to excellence.
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Miah Van
den Berg


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