The Latest Lighting Trends

Are You Looking For A New, Trendy Lighting Design For Your Home?  We are here to help!  We’ve been taking a look at some of our favourite lighting elements from recent Cocoa Bean Interior Design installations and we have compiled a list of our latest and most lovely lighting designs.

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2019 Interior Design Trends

If you’re wondering what the latest colour obsessions are when it comes to the interior design world, then look no further! 

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2019 Curves

With 2019 well underway the Cocoa Bean Interior Design team have been discussing some of the years new trends. One of the most refreshing has to be the wonderful blend of shapes and patterns that have slipped into prints, furniture and architectural spaces.

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Meet The Team

Meet the team at Cocoa Bean! 

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Design Is Dead?

As passionate interior designers we like to keep up with the latest trends, ideas and concepts in our industry.  At a talk we attended by a very well-known interior designer she announced that “design is dead and the internet killed it.”

This idea has plagued us somewhat as we are dedicated to finding new and exciting ways of helping clients express who they are within the canvas of their homes.

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A Gorgeous Design Installed In An Apartment In The Heart Of Johannesburg

Cocoa Bean Design studio is excited to present a recent installation in the heart of bustling Sandton. 

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Why every home should have stone

One of the things that fascinate us is how a single piece can change a room from a collection of things to a cohesive flowing design that delights, interests and soothes all at once, and for us, those pieces often end up being some sort of stone.

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A New Beautiful Interior For An Apartment In The Heart Of Sandton

Cocoa Bean Design Studio recently had the privilege of working on two amazing apartment installations in the heart of trendy Sandton. 

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Welcome to the jungle

For many people, interior design, with its frequently changing design inspirations, colours and shapes, is a difficult space to navigate.

This is why the Cocoa Bean team has decided to put together a style guide for the new Spring/Summer season, and we’re delighted to say that it’s literally “a jungle out there” and here is how.

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