Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

Elephant Point Bush Lodge

Interior design is not just limited to a home or office space; you’re able to create a beautiful interior in your boutique hotel, guesthouse or, as in this case, your bush lodge. 

In this blog we will be walking you through the design process of this magnificent Elephant Point Bush Lodge.   Our source of inspiration for this installation was the gorgeous natural surroundings.

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Space

We set out to create a natural, relaxed space in this beautiful bush lodge by making use of design elements that seamlessly incorporate detail from both the indoor and outdoor areas.  In doing so, we made the overall space feel like one.  We used a combination of raw, natural materials in both spaces to include the outdoor space with the indoor space.

The guests at this lodge are able to enjoy the beauty of nature while making use of these stunning woven chairs with gorgeous Kubu cloth scatters.  By adding these layers of texture, we created a timeless yet elegant African feel. 

The Ideal Bathroom Design

Design the perfect bathroom that fits into your design theme, while keeping the space clean and simple.  In this African-villa inspired theme, we kept to when designing the bathrooms too. By keeping to neutral colours and having a few key design elements, we tied together the theme from the rest of our design into our bathroom.

We created a natural space using raw elements of wood as well as greenery. Keeping the bathroom neutral colours, made these design natural elements pop.

Are you unsure of how to add metallic elements to your design, without over-doing it in your space? We suggest keeping to a classic neutral colour pallet and added a beautiful brass tap which complimented the earthy elements beautifully.

Incorporate Your Mood Board Into The Rooms

Keep your mood board in mind when designing a space based on a specific theme. Our African-inspired villa’s mood board had a range of range rich, natural colours and textures, as well as some classic geometric patterns.

Keeping to natural, neutral colours in your design, can help create a relaxing atmosphere in any space. In this bedroom, we kept to a classic black and white colour pallet, keeping the design clean elegant and timeless yet with an African inspired look.

The Perfect Lighting

Lighting is crucial in designing the perfect space. In this project, there was a large space we had to work with.  Adding large, round lighting of various sizes helped in making space feel cozy yet keeping to the design theme.

Create A Gorgeous Living Area

In this lodge installation we accessorized with natural stone -seen behind this stone canister is the most amazing face carved into the stone for an interesting conversation piece.   In creating relaxed, natural overall atmosphere, we used natural elements like different wooden elements as well as stone and some greenery. The couch we picked for this space is beautiful vintage caramel leather- adding to the neutral tones & textures of the space.

Using harsh strong textures such as raw cut stone to a space could be quite intimidating; we took off the edge by juxtaposing it with the natural rattan detail on the kitchen doors as the backdrop to the rough cut stone island. Stone is one of those design features that are not only durable, but it also flows beautifully into most design themes. We loved using this rough, textured granite in our space.

Design a feature wall that fits beautifully with your design. We created a statement piece on one of the walls of this stunning African-inspired villa. We used these stunning raw, neutral baskets of varying sizes and placed them at different depths layering here and there with cowrie shell African necklaces creating the perfect feature wall.


Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of natural light when designing your space.  We added these organic shaped baskets to add emphasis on the stunning architectural curved passage design and beautiful long windows which added the perfect amount of natural light and interest to the space.

Don’t just limit your space to one neutral tone or design element.  For this stunning lodge, we not only played around with various natural elements and textures, we also used a beautiful polished concrete floor to the overall design, which compliments perfectly with all the other elements used.


Get Your Own Beautiful Interior

We absolutely loved this recent Cocoa Bean Lodge project and had the privilege of dealing with a professional building team for an amazing client who inspired all our choices along the way! If you are looking to create a gorgeous interior for your hotel or guesthouse, contact us here.


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