2019 Interior Design Tips – Adding Vessels To Your Design

Adding Vessels To Your Design

Adding Vessels To Your Design

Did you know that Cocoa Bean are also stockists of unique design elements?  We have an extensive range of products that we use to create our beautiful designs. 

Below is a list of some of our new products, with some interior design tips and trick of when and where to incorporate them into your design.

Our New Products Include:

Large rounded ceramic vessels, with an organically shaped lip is the perfect blend of rich reds, browns and turquoise colours.

Gorgeous horse statues with a mix of a bronze metallic and a raw stone-texture- making it the perfect piece to add a little something different and unique to your space.

Do you want a stand-out piece to complement a raw earthy design theme?  Then this this organically formed ceramic vessel with a neutral colour palette & rough textured exterior is the perfect fit!

Accessorizing with a collection of interesting vessels that have a particular colour, texture or shape in common is a great way to bring together design elements.  We think this set of 3 vessels is a great example of just that! The colour and texture of the vessels are all similar, while the different heights & shapes add that little something extra to the overall feel of the design.

Why not let your dinner sets complement your design theme and style too?  We love this set of mint ceramic vessels. The organically shaped plates with tapered tips & matching textured chalice is the perfect addition to any dinner set.

Are you looking to add something unique to your space, rather than the conventional or traditional vessels that are often used? This powder grey monkey (also available in white) is a firm favourite fruit bowl- the perfect statement piece in any kitchen.

These glass paperweights at Cocoa Bean add the perfect touch when dressing shelving displays.  Subtle colours and textures can be incorporated into a space by using glass. These glass vessels have interesting unique patterns that complement each other and go beautifully with any space.

Love These Products? 

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