Creative Interior Design Ideas

Creative Interior Design Ideas

4 Ways To Express Your Creativity In Your Water Closet

A water closet, commonly known as our guest WC, is a space in your home where you have the most design freedom. This is the area of the house where you can express your creative alter ego, without having an impact on your home’s overall interior design. In this blog, we discuss some unique design concepts that you can include in your own water closet.

How To Create Your Own Water Closet

  1. Wallpaper  

Adding elements to your water closet such as distinct wallpaper or a unique design element will liven up your space. In one of our previous Cocoa Bean Installations, we used a jungle-themed wallpaper and paired it with simple black and white design elements throughout the rest of the space.  

We just love the vibrant wallpaper used in this water closet below! The bold, tropical wallpaper from @casamance_official in this water closet is such a striking design feature, perfectly framed by the amazing pink gin concrete wall, done by co.co.faux.crete

  1. Mirrors 

Using mirrors are the perfect way to let small water closets feel bigger and more open. In our very own Cocoa Bean office Installation, we used a round, simple mirror - making the space feel bigger adding a sense of depth to the room. 

  1. A Colour Palette 

Water closets can be kept simple in design as well have a personal design element incorporated into the space. For the installation below, we kept the overall colour palette neutral combining marble black and concrete. We custom-designed the tiny washbasin in our signature concrete look with a gorgeous pill mirror framed in black to create a well thought out space!  

  1. Unique Design Elements 

Bring in a unique design element to add life to what would normally be a boring space. We added this interesting art piece in this water closet to add beauty to an otherwise dead space. 

No matter what your personal design style is, we can create a perfect design space for you. 

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