Interior Design Tips – Signature Kitchens

Interior Design Tips – Signature Kitchens

Signature Kitchens

A kitchen is the heart of the home and the perfect space to show off your personal design style! The purpose of incorporating a beautiful design in your kitchen is to ultimately create a functional, stylish space. In this blog, we will be showing you how to create your own signature kitchen.

Create Your Own Signature Kitchen 

Architecture And Layout 

Use unique architecture to create a simple, yet modern take on kitchen-design. High ceilings add space and room to your kitchen, while a feature wall will draw all your design elements together. 

Kitchen islands are the perfect way to create a more social, efficient space in your kitchen. We love how the kitchen’s colour palette is complimented by the island and stools that were used.   

Free-Standing Elements 

Free-standing elements and kitchen, such as utensils are a great way to incorporate a specific colour or design theme into your space. In this Cocoa Bean installation, we used our signature colour - black. We love how black creates a modern feel to this kitchen. 

Cabinetry & Fittings 

If you are looking to create a spacious & timeless design in your kitchen, then white cabinetry is the perfect way to create an open, light feel to your kitchen - while keeping to a clean and crisp design style. 

Create a statement piece in your kitchen through incorporating unique basins and fittings. In the installation below, we kept the cabinetry a simple and classic white, and brought in pops of black with the basin and free-standing elements. 


If space is a concern when considering a design for your kitchen, then lighting is a simple, unobtrusive approach to add style to your space. By using a light and a neutral colour palette, this kitchen was styled to look and feel bigger than it is! The design was kept simple and blends into the surroundings. 


Everyone loves beautiful appliances… Let your kitchen appliances reflect your personal style and compliment your signature design. If you are looking for a way to incorporate a specific colour into your kitchen, while keeping the rest a neutral colour, then appliances are the perfect way to do just that. 


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