The Planning Stages Of Interior Design

The Planning Stages Of Interior Design

How We Plan And Implement Designs To Create Elegant, Functional Interiors

From Conception To Installation… 

Have you ever considering what goes into planning an interior design project? In this blog, we have a look at our planning stages to give insight into how we develop an idea from conception to installation!   

Design Concepts 

We start each project off by creating a design concept.  Concepts are determined by working out the functional aspects, as well as the overall “feel” we are trying to achieve. 

“Interior design deals primarily with the experiential and temporal aspects of space.” as well as “the way people interact with space, and... are in constant dialogue with space” (Konigk, 2010).  This quote speaks of the importance of the user within the space along with how they interact with the interior - Human experience, and how a person will use the space is therefore at the forefront of design concepts. 

Implementing Inspiration 

Our design process continues to build on our design concept.  During this stage, we would create a mood board - drawing inspiration from art and fashion, selecting fabulous fabrics, a stunning Colour pallet and anything beautiful that will complement our concept. 

3D Rendering 

With today’s technology, we can implement our design concept through 3D rendering. With this technology you can view exactly what your design will look like within your space! 


Taking our design concept and inspiration we source our design element. Our final step is then installation. This is when your design comes to life. 

The Final Result 

Once everything has been installed - the result - a beautiful, functional design. 

The entire interior will become an interwoven artwork with each space fowling seamlessly into the next – a crafted interior, paying homage to the buildings namesake. 

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