Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

Mood Board: Nudes & Stone

At Cocoa Bean, we love keeping our clients up to date with the latest and greatest trends in interiors. As such, we are going to take a little peek into our trending mood board.

What’s Trending In Interiors?

Nudes and Stone are trending in 2019 - and we love it! For our mood board, we have chosen nudes and stone as our inspiration.  

The Trending Colour: A Nude Colour Pallett  

A common misconception about a nude colour pallet is that it only involves one or two basic, boring beige colours. 

This photo from our mood board shows just how many shades of nude can be included in a design, without breaking the overall design style you are looking to incorporate into your space. Nudes have a range of warm and cool tones that could be used, depending on the overall feel you are looking for in your design. 

The Trending Texture: Stone  

Along with a nude colour pallet, stone has been another trend for 2019. 

Stone has so many different design features all in its own. You can incorporate different hues of coloured stone into your design, stone of different textures as well as stone of different shapes and sizes. 

This is the perfect theme for any space and can be designed to suit your own personal style. We would love to help you create your dream design space according to your unique style and needs – and it all starts with creating a gorgeous mood board. 

Creating A Mood Board 

Mood boards are essential to the design process. It forms the framework for helping us decide on which visual elements (colours, textures and shapes) we will include in a design, as well as giving our client a first-hand look at our design process before we begin building on the design. We create mood boards to help us expand on an idea that we have for a particular space or theme. 

How To Choose Elements For Your Mood 

Looking To Fashion As Interior Design Inspiration  

Interior design follows fashion trends, and as such, we look to fashion and fabrics for inspiration for our design space.   

For our nude and stone mood board, we chose the fabric below. This gorgeous fabric is the perfect addition as it not only gives us an idea into the shade of nude we want to use, but it also portrays a softness in texture – making this a stunning addition to our particular design space.  

Statement pieces 

One of the ways to bring in a particular design element (such as stone) into your space, is by adding a statement piece or décor object of that material. 

We love the different shades, cuts and forms of these stone head sculptures. This would be a perfect addition to a space that is working off of the nudes & stone trend mood board. 

Incorporating Shapes

When we created our nude & stone trend mood board, we looked for inspiration on the particular shapes of design elements too. 

In this picture, we loved the circular shape of the wall feature element. Another option would be to possibly include square or triangular geometric shapes or patterns into a space. It is all dependant on the overall theme you want to have in your space. 

We hope you love this theme as much as we do. Let us help you create your own stunning interior! 

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