Creative Interior Design Ideas

Creative Interior Design Ideas

2019 Interior Design Project: Indian Inspiration

Our team of wonderful designers recently completed an installation in Malawi - the results below speak for themselves. Using this beautiful installation as inspiration, we have created a list below to give you some creative ideas for your next interior design project. 

Creative Interior Design Ideas For:

Children’s Bedrooms 

If you’re looking for some inspiration in the designing of your kid’s room, then we suggest making use of design elements of different textures and colours that could be suitable for every age.  


We love how this little girl’s room integrates the theme followed throughout the rest of the home, while still having interesting and colourful elements.

Dining rooms 

A dining room is one of the most important rooms when it comes to entertaining & dining with your guests.

We used a variety of textures in our recent project, with the most amazing antique reclaimed Indian piece as the table base to draw on our Indian Inspiration theme.

Living Areas 

Adding a statement piece to your living areas can tie into your design theme and pull all your elements together. 

Paintings are a great way to integrate colour, texture and your unique style into any space. In our recent Cocoa Bean project, we used simple abstract prints to add a slight pop of colour to the otherwise neutral space. 

Guest Bathrooms 

Add a statement piece to your bathroom with an interesting light fixture.

Sometimes it can be difficult to add something special to an otherwise boring space. When designing this space, we incorporated these lovely pendants to add a little bit of luxury to the space. 


When it comes to kitchen interior designs, we love a simple, classic & timeless look! 

Using these sleek marble countertops with white cabinetry made this project’s kitchen juxtaposed perfectly with our Indian Inspiration design theme. It is the perfect style to suit any theme and forms a perfect base to add colour to.  

Main Bedrooms 

Designing a bedroom from warm neutrals and softer textures is the perfect way to add a cozy atmosphere. 

Using our Indian Inspiration theme, rich & warm neutrals were integrated with a floral pillow that ties in all of our colours.  

En Suite Bathrooms 

When designing bathrooms less is certainly more! 

Using monochromatic design elements in this bathroom really shows off the sleek masculine lines.  

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