2019 Interior Design Trends

2019 Interior Design Trends

What’s The Latest Design Colour Trend? 

If you’re wondering what the latest colour obsessions are when it comes to the interior design world, then look no further!  We are here to keep you up to date with the latest interior design trends! 

Brown Is The New Black 

According to industry professionals, brown is once again on the rise as a major colour choice on the fashion and interior forefront.  Whether you prefer rich and dark or neutral and subtle, beautiful brown is hot hue forecast for this year. 

At Cocoa Bean, we recently made use of this beautiful colour palette boasting stunning nudes and rich coffee colours.  We made use of various design elements to incorporate these colours, and the results were absolutely fabulous.  You will not be disappointed with the year’s top design colour trend. 

Brown is the new black

This trend is definitely one you would love in your own home or business, so we have put together a list of easy ways to incorporate these colours into your own interior. 

How To Include Brown In Your Latest Design Project 

Add Design Elements 

The easiest way to keep with your trending colour scheme is to incorporate elements such as accessories from the same palette into your design.  A great way to do this is through: 

  1. Scatter Cushions 

Scatter Cushions, or throw-pillows, are a great way to add a pop of colour to your design and give any space a cosy comforting feel. 

  1. A Rug 

A rug can define a living space.  In one of our recent Cocoa Bean installation we used a rug to define this living space & bring in our element of black to illuminate the warmer colours of the design. 

A rug

  1. Freestanding elements 

Simple freestanding elements are a wonderful way to incorporate not only your palette colour, but also a personal touch into your design. Free-standing elements can include lighting, table décor & much more… 

Freestanding elements

Add Textures 

  1. Use Rattan 

Add rattan as the choice of texture for your design project. Rattan is a classic choice of texture to your designs simple and interesting. 


  1. Basic Brick 

We love how a basic brick wall is not only a statement piece, but gives a raw feel to the space. The brick adds a timeless design feature that ties in beautifully with the brown colour trend palette. 

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