The Latest Lighting Trends

The Latest Lighting Trends

Are You Looking For A New, Trendy Lighting Design For Your Home?  We are here to help!  We’ve been taking a look at some of our favourite lighting elements from recent Cocoa Bean Interior Design installations and we have compiled a list of our latest and most lovely lighting designs. 

As we are sure you know, lighting is a great way to add ambiance and décor intent to any space. A variety of sizes, designs and colours can be used in your home, to transform any space without any drastic design changes needed! 

From lampshades to chandeliers, lighting adds something unique to your design space. Whether you prefer warm and natural lighting or a chic statement piece, using lighting for your newest project is a must. 

Create A Statement Piece By Adding A Unique Lighting Element

We love how lighting and design can work together to create an unforgettably beautiful space. It’s the extra, little details that make the biggest difference! 

Naked Globes

Naked globes are trending, and they should be.  Adding a gorgeous naked globe effect to your space gives soft, warm lighting to any room while making a design statement. 

Naked Globes

Natural Elements

If you love the look of raw elements and soft lighting, then natural is the way to go! Natural elements give the option for lighting that is not too modern or abstract.  Natural, raw elements combined with basic lighting options can restyle any space.

Natural LIghts

A Statement Piece

Why compromise a unique design space with dull lighting?  When you’re looking to add a little something extra to your space, we suggest a lighting statement piece. 

A Statement Piece

Using something unusual and unexpected in your lighting design, you’re able to create a striking statement piece that will be a unique design feature in its own right.

How To Include Beautiful Lighting In Your Latest Design Project

Interior Design Tip - Kitchen Lighting 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home - let every design element reflect that!  By using a stunning lighting option for your kitchen, you can add character to any space- even your kitchen! You can incorporate any colour or style into a space by picking the right light. 

Kitchen Lighting

Interior Design Tip – Incorporate Your Colour Scheme Through Lighting 

Lighting can put emphasis on a particular colour theme or style that you are trying to convey in your home. Layers of design can really bring a design theme to life! 

Colour Scheme Lighting

Get Your Own Designer Lighting 

If you’re looking to setup your own custom interior with a unique design, contact us here.

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