A Gorgeous Design Installed In An Apartment In The Heart Of Johannesburg

A Gorgeous Design Installed In An Apartment In The Heart Of Johannesburg

Interior Design Inspiration For The Apartment... 

Cocoa Bean Design studio is excited to present a recent installation in the heart of bustling Sandton.  

Two apartments with similar floor layouts were given unique and exciting design treatments that have resulted in beautiful, flowing spaces that reflect the signature Cocoa Bean Design Studio design application. 

Some of the challenges of the project include the open plan space and glass walls which require a full apartment design solution while retaining the specific functional identity of each space. 

For one of the apartments Cocoa Bean Design Studio chose an Urban Cubism design theme.  You can view the article on this here. 

Interior Design Inspiration – Urban Renaissance 

For the other apartment an Urban Renaissance design theme was applied, making use of the era’s love of natural stone and inspirational art, Cocoa Bean Design Studio included elements of art and natural stone sculptures that elevated the original design theme into a chic and modern interpretation of ancient form. 

Gorgeous elements such as a modern wall sculpture in the bedroom, combined with luxurious linens and exciting lighting provide not just functionality but interest and personality to the space. 

“We particularly enjoyed designing the bathroom spaces.” Says Deanne McBride, owner of Cocoa Bean Design Studio.  “Although these spaces were compact, we included art and selective décor elements that bring a touch of luxury to the room.” 

Draw Inspiration From A Colour Pallet For Your Interior Design Ideas… 

The neutral colour pallet combined with bold striking furniture pieces were another great design element in the Urban Renaissance theme.  A coral sofa in the living room lifts the pallet and provides a unique design feature in the space. 

Including Urban Renaissance In Your Latest Design Theme… 

If you’re looking to include Urban Renaissance as a design element in your home the apply these 2 Cocoa Bean Design Studio tips 

  1. Natural stone

With marble sculpture being such a defining element of the Renaissance era, including natural stone into your design theme is an absolute must.

Look out for interesting pieces of stone and then highlight them as a décor feature in the room. 

  1. Curves

Another key element to the Renaissance era is the flowing curves that grace the sculptures and art of the time. 

Look for pieces of furniture that emulate these lines or choose art that compliments the themes. 

In a busy city setting this Urban Renaissance apartment is a haven of carefully layered design resulting in the ultimate luxurious tranquillity. 

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