A New Beautiful Interior For An Apartment In The Heart Of Sandton

A New Beautiful Interior For An Apartment In The Heart Of Sandton

Interior Design Inspiration For The Apartment... 

Cocoa Bean Design Studio recently had the privilege of working on two amazing apartment installations in the heart of trendy Sandton. 

Each apartment presented design challenges with open plan living and glass walling requiring a full apartment, cohesive design strategy that would flow from space to space while retaining the functional identity of each space.


“When designing projects with similar floor layouts it is important to ensure that each apartment has a unique design identity that differentiates it.“ says Cocoa Bean Design Studio owner Deanne McBride. 

Interior Design Inspiration – Urban Cubism 

The first apartment’s design inspiration came from cubism.  A modern art concept that swept the design and art world in the early 1900’s and is best represented in art world by famous names such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. 


Drawing on both her design and fine art background Deanne combined the crisp lines of cubism with warm colours, natural materials and luxurious finishes, creating a haven, oozing with personality and individualistic style.

Some of the key features in the space included a gorgeous round mirror with geometric diamond panes that reflect the entire living areas in framed views, a leather dining chairs complimented by crisp detailing and finishes that create geometric patterns and strong stormy greys that swirl through the space through various design elements. 


“The Urban Cubism theme was woven through the space with clever detailing including such as art, scatter cushions and functional pieces in geometric shapes” says Deanne. 

Including Urban Cubism In Your Latest Design Theme… 

If you would like to include Urban Cubism as a design theme in your home one of the key take away design tips from Cocoa Bean Design Studio is to focus on shapes.  In this project geometric shapes are combined to provide framed views of the room through mirrors, furniture and even functional pieces such as chopping boards in the kitchen. 


Look for interesting but crisp décor items that have minimalistic clean shapes and can be displayed against a neutral pallet. 

Layering of detail is a signature of Cocoa Bean Design Studio and provides cohesive design to this Urban Cubism apartment. By creating an interesting and unique space, this Urban Cubism apartment provides a tranquil get away from the busy hustle and bustle of city living. 


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