2019 Curves

2019 Curves

With 2019 well underway the Cocoa Bean Interior Design team have been discussing some of the years new trends. One of the most refreshing has to be the wonderful blend of shapes and patterns that have slipped into prints, furniture and architectural spaces.

“2018 was a year when geometry was a key design feature in many of the interior and architectural projects we saw.” Says Deanne, owner of Cocoa Bean Interiors.  “Towards the end of last year and now flowing into 2019 we’ve been seeing a softening of these lines as organic curves have begun to sift into design inspiration.” She says.

One of the Cocoa Bean Interior projects that represents the move towards this blend of shapes and form is this recent corporate installation.  While the crisp lines of glass and metallic finishes results in strong, defined design spaces, the soft curve of the leather couches and tables brings a soothing blend to the space that prevents it from feeling cold.

Cocoa Bean Interiors has seen a design shift in the early weeks of 2019 where many of our designs have started including neo-classical, renaissance inspired lines that add that little touch of Cocoa Bean Interior class.  We’re particularly enjoying interpretations of this theme in crisp whites and stormy greys.

Fabric designs and art are an ultra-fluid design medium that tends to reflect designers thinking far quicker than longer term elements such as furniture and architectural style.  If you’d like to be ahead of the trend, then you can start keeping an eye out for fabrics and décor elements that present an opportunity to soften clean geometric lines with interesting organic shapes.

Materials for these pieces are another way to bring that touch of the new trending themes into your space.  We really love marble and cement as incredibly versatile materials that introduce interest to any room.  Finishes such as a coloured cement wall or ornaments such as a marble sculpture lift the design of a room while giving you the flexibility to change things up as and when you need to.

The trend does come with a warning though. One of the problems we’ve found clients have been having with this trend is that it requires an expert eye to blend everything.  Because the 2019 trend is very subtle and slips into current strong geometric architecture and furniture lines, it’s not a simple case of adding a few ornamental items. 

The 2019 trend demands a sophisticated approach that requires a practiced eye to fit the curves to your current space in a way that ties everything in the room together.  Without this specialised attention to detail that includes scale, focal points, lighting and so much else, items are likely to look out of place and discordant.

We’re incredibly excited about the complexity and depth of the 2019 trend as it showcases what we love most about interiors, a subtle blending of the clients personality, architectural expertise and layering of design that comes through years of interior design experience.

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